Mission Statement

The mission of the Chapel is to teach Jesus’ message by word and example to children of the school via the chapel service, the classroom and by other opportunities. The children will receive through worship and teaching a basic foundation in the joy and benefit of following Jesus.

Goals and Strategies

St. Luke’s Episcopal School’s Chapel Program has weekly chapel services that are Christian based and age appropriate. Morning Prayer is used which is a format that has evolved over 1,000 years and is modified to help the children’s understanding. Our service format is approved by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Each lesson is based on the previous Sunday’s Gospel lesson using the 3–year Liturgical Calendar of Jesus’ Teachings, (Year A: Matthew, Year B: Mark, Year C: Luke and John). Children are taught by word and example using the Christian conduct in lessons that include: service, reverence, respect, interpersonal relationships, team play, and more. Our Chapel format includes a vested chaplain, processional, school banner, processional cross, candle lighting/extinguishing, prayers, an interactive children participation service, The Lord’s Prayer, prayers for others, music, school creed and supplemental church seasonal lessons and activities. Our hope is to team with parents and teachers to amplify Christian training. Parental involvement is encouraged with the weekly lesson and supplemental information being sent along with a coloring page for the child. A prayer request box is available for parents and staff, and the children are involved in prayers during Chapel responding to those requests. The administration of the school, teachers, and chaplain work together to coordinate the spiritually related curriculum. Along with the Chaplain, the administration and staff are involved in actively teaching and training the children in the Chapel service. Using Godly Play and other approved teaching methodology, the teachers continue the message of the Chapel lesson in the classroom along with the Fundamentals of Christianity and Old and New Testament lessons. Our Chapel program is involved in school functions including open house, special school programs and teacher’s meetings and also provides periodic status reports to the School Board of Directors.

Commitment from School Chapel Team to the Parents and the Children

• Respect and quality –teach it, live it
• Commitment in time, knowledge, integrity and love according to our provided talents.
• Teach, follow and live His Teachings
• Have a kid level service based on 2,000 years of tradition
• Teach manners, respect, reverence and love of God, His church and traditions, parents, grandparents, school staff and all of His creations
• Endorse Jesus’ teaching that nothing is more important than properly raising children
• Practice the school motto, “Do all things with love”

Summer Program

St. Luke’s School offers full time care from June  through mid-August.

Summer Registration

Pre-school Summer Registration Form
School Age Summer Registration Form